Monday, September 2, 2013

Pinged 37...

Toto rang the bell this weekend, and is well on his way to paragon 50. Then it is on to level my Monk (Ivana) and my Witch Doctor(Mugabe). Only after these guys have climbed the mountain i will go back to Toto. Currently the paragon leveling will advance to slowly for my liking past P50. ... for more clarity please consult this handy chart! -->

The above image is from the  diablo.incgamers article where paragon 2.0 is discussed, it makes for a good read and anyone willing to invest into paragon leveling now will benefit greatly after ROS and patch 1.9 is released.

Based on my calculations to maxs out your characters in all their customized levels you need to paragon to 600 over all your characters. (50 x 12) after that it becomes nigh impossible to see any advancement.

so i will be happy to level up my characters to:

Toto 60 (P100) - - - - current 60(37)
Mugabe 60 (P50) - - -current 50
Ivana 60 (P50) - - - - -current 39
VanHelsing 60 (P50) - current 60(1)
Silvana 60 (P50) - - - -current 20
Betti 60 (P50) - - - - - current 39

My current worry is that Betti is great fun to play, but Silvana is running with +55 XP bonus gear, VanHelsing is in desperate need for better gear as he squeels with a simple Inferno MP2 one-shot death...not to mention that Mugabe will benefit the most reaching lvl 60 and enheriting allot of AH bought handmedowns from Toto. Ivana too has some nice found items waiting for her. . .

If anyone is wanting to do runs with me please contact me on EU servers as LordBacon_2129 or twit me on @hpbotha 

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